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Revolutionizing Affordable Communities For All

Vida Living 4 Pillars

VIDA Living is a new, community-focused effort to raise the standard of affordable rentals in North America. With our '4 Pillars' we can provide affordable living with the high standards of service & care.









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Race to 500 Suites

Our current goal is to offer affordable living spaces to 500 families in cities across North America in the next 12 months. Our big goal is 10,000 suites in the next 7 years. Stay connected with the Vida Living community & our progress by following our social media.

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Vida Living Features

Live In Superintendents

On site ambassadors live in our communities to support tenants with all their daily needs.

Secure Access Entry

Safety is priority #1 for Vida Living and with secure FOB entry tenants can rest safe & secure in their building

Tenant Screening

Tenants are rigorously screened to ensure a great match for our Pillars and community.

Amenity Spaces

Extra spaces in our building are converted to amenity rooms such as gyms, libraries or community rooms.

Community Themes

Community events are held regularly to engage with the community & give a tenants a chance to win prizes.

Pet Friendly

Your pet is an important member of your family and that is why Vida Living buildings are pet friendly.

Newly Renovated Suites

Our Story

VIDA Living is revolutionizing affordable housing by doing the right thing. It’s not about just renting a living space to our tenants, it’s about improving lives in our community and promoting a great lifestyle and opportunity. Our buildings feature all sorts of creative spaces like shared libraries, garden centres, office space, gyms, game exchange, or even arcades and guest short-term stay units.

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